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By-Laws of the Town of Niverville

The Bylaws of the Town of Niverville are orders of Council duly enacted through a process of debate and three readings. A full list of the Bylaws and their details is available at the Town Administration Office. This list will be updated as new laws are enacted and current laws are revamped.


 All requests for By-Law enforcement must be received through the Town Office during regular office hours. 204-388-4600 ext. 106

Bylaw: Adjudication FAQ's
Bylaw: Off Road Vehicle_RCMP Information.pdf

Bylaw: BL 491-95 Snow Mobiles in Town Limits
Bylaw: BL 507-96 Junk, Weeds and Nuisance and Stagnant Water
Bylaw: BL 628-05 Lot Grading and Drainage.pdf
Bylaw: BL 650-07 Fire Permits.pdf
Bylaw: BL 655-07 Noise.pdf
Bylaw: BL 685-10 Road Encumberance.pdf
Bylaw: BL 691-10 Animal Control.pdf - with revised Schedule A
Bylaw: BL 711-12 Sewer Study.pdf
Bylaw: BL 775-17 Waste Collection and Recycling
Bylaw: BL 778-17 Bylaw Enforcement
Bylaw: BL 778-17 Bylaw Enforcement Schedule A
Bylaw: BL 787-18 Cemetery
Bylaw: BL 790-18 2018 Financial Plan
Bylaw: BL 791-18 Building Bylaw
Bylaw: BL 793-18 Licensing of Temporary Businesses (door-to-door sales or kiosks)
Bylaw: BL 794-18 Development Plan
Schedule A for Bylaw 794-18
Bylaw: BL 795-18 Zoning Bylaw
Bylaw: BL 795-18 Zoning Map
Bylaw: BL 796-18 Burning Ban

Bylaw: BL 797-18 Water Restrictions, Fees and Enforcement

Bylaw: BL 798-18 General Borrowing
Bylaw: BL 801-18 Traffic & Parking
Schedule A for BL 801-18 Traffic & Parking
Schedule B for BL 801-18
Bylaw: BL 805-18 Local Vehicle for Hire
Bylaw: BL 806-19 2019 Financial Plan


Resolution no.225-19 Infill Levy


Spring Road Restrictions
For full details on spring road restrictions please click HERE



Jan 22, 2019 Financial Plan Open House

 Niverville Community Plan Survey Summary

Town of Niverville Construction Standards

 Emergency Plan Part 1 - full document is available for viewing at the Town Office during regular office hours.

2017 Audited Financial Statement



Accessibility Standards and Customer Service Policy
Building Permit Security Deposit - Amended
Business Incentive Policy
Convenience Fees Policy
Curb Stops
Facility Fee Rebate Policy
Frozen Sewer Line on Public Property
Noise Bylaw Exemption
Park Policy for Off Road Vehicles
Penalty Cancellation Policy
Private Improvements on Town Boulevards
Private Utility Service Connection
Recreation Class Cancellation Policy
Residential Waste Collection - Supplemental
Security Camera Grant Policy
Sewer and Water Connection Repair Policy
Show Home Policy
Snow Clearing
Snow Deposited on Public Property
Speed Hump Policy
Water Main Request Policy