Niverville has enjoyed the status of being one of Manitoba’s fastest growing urban centres and within the top 20 fastest growing towns in Canada (Stats Canada, 2016 Census). With this intense growth comes a necessary policy of long-term planning for effective and sustainable commercial and industrial development to ensure long term employment needs are met and exceeded for those who work and/or live in Niverville.

Niverville is proudly offering incentives to those industrial or commercial developers looking to move and grow with its community. All potential projects are analysed to ensure an ability for the business to succeed in and for the community and that they assist in the Town achieving its’ long-term vision of the community and the region. When a project fits within the community plan, resources are delegated and experts from the community, provincial or federal level, are called in as required to ensure support and provide the best chance for success.

If you have interest in locating within the community, please contact the Town Administration Office at or Niverville Chamber of Commerce