Niverville is a town in the South-Eastern Region of Manitoba, situated in approximately equal distance from the two larger neighbouring cities of Winnipeg and Steinbach. Its prime location for commuting to either city is one of many factors contributing to the town’s rapid growth rate.

In the late 1870s, the town was nothing more than a proposed stop on the New Canadian Pacific Railway. Throughout the 20th century, the location grew into a small farming community. Since its inception, the town has attracted a wide array of individuals from the Mennonite settlers to the English-speaking pioneers that discovered the land through its proximity to the new railway. Following the town’s official establishment in 1969, community leaders focused their attention on developing Niverville into a rural regional centre. Today, Niverville continues to be a vibrant, cosmopolitan community that welcomes new residents to their expanding subdivisions.

In 2021, Niverville was awarded with the title of fastest growing community in Manitoba. From its humble beginnings with a population of just over 750 residents, it has grown into a thriving cosmopolitan town of over 5,000 citizens. It serves as a regional population base for more than 10,000 people attracting many visitors from smaller, surrounding communities. Residential growth is continuing at a rate of approximately 6.7% per annum with consistent supporting commercial and institution facility growth. Town Council is committed to expanding our town’s resources, services, and centres to ensure that citizens feel connected while being provided with leisure and recreational opportunities. New residents are attracted to the charm of the small-town living while located only a short commute to either of the two larger cities.

As the Town of Niverville welcomes the influx of newcomers, we strive to develop a sustainable and active community through promoting a positive lifelong experience. The Recreation department remains committed to building community for its residents by providing recreational activities including team sports and physical fitness classes. As the Town’s demographics change with its population growth, we are working towards expanding opportunities that improve the health and well-being of all age groups. Niverville’s goal to cultivate a sense of belonging and overall enhancing the quality of life for all residents is what attracts many individuals to the rural community.

Another unique factor of Niverville is how it strives to be an environmentally friendly community. The Town has recognized the need to protect the environment and combat climate change. The Wetlands Project transformed an aging, toxic, and inadequate lagoon into a wetland site with an interpretive centre and walking paths. While Niverville might appear to be a small fish in a big sea, its Wetlands Project has received national recognition for demonstrating environmentally sustainable leadership. The transformed lagoon has reduced the potential spread of toxins to agricultural land and grazing animals by introducing natural detoxifying plants and grasses to this site. Its close location to Hespeler Park has created a place for residents to witness nature and environmental action at its finest. Niverville continuously strives to be a community that cares for and protects the environment.

As a community, we make it our priority to foster community connections, apply environmentally sustainable practices, and improve the quality of life through recreation, sport, and wellness.