Electronic Bill Payment

You can add Town of Niverville (utilities or taxes) as a payee through all Credit Union, BMO, CIBC, Tangerine, Manulife, RBC, and Scotiabank online bank accounts. Your account number will be your roll number or utility account number, including all numerals with NO decimals. Detailed instructions can be found below.


All residents, including customers of TD, can pay online through their Town of Niverville eServices account. Instructions to set up your eServices account can be found on the back of the any utility bill. For more information, please click here.


Cheques may be mailed to Box 267, Niverville MB, R0A 1E0, or dropped off in the drop-box at 329 Bronstone Drive.


In-person payments only.

Online Banking Payment Options

When making online payments, please be sure to select the appropriate option for your payment: taxes OR utilities. While we have occasionally been able to correct the allocation when it is obvious, for example, a $2,000.00 payment on a utility account would appear to be an allocation error and we would apply it to the tax account, however, with the increasing amount of online payments, catching these misallocations cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure that the Town has your current contact information on file.

For Property Tax payments, please use your Roll number as your account number. Note, you may need to add zeros in front of the number to complete the number of digits required by your financial institution. Below are some examples of how a Roll number would convert to an account number:

Roll Number 12345.000 would be 012345000 (9 digits are required). Note in this example, that the only numbers after the decimal point are zeros.

Roll Number 12345.010 would be 012345010 (9 digits are required). Note in this example, that there are numbers other than zero after the decimal point so they must be included in the account number.

For Utility payments, please use your account number as provided on your utility invoice. Below are examples of how a utility account number would be converted for online payments (the “dash” is not entered as part of an account number):

Account Number 12345.00 would be 0001234500 (10 digits are required).

Account Number 12345.01 would be 0001234501 (10 digits are required).

To ensure your electronic payment will not be subject to a late penalty, please allow at least 3 business days for processing. Note that payments must be credited to the Town account by the due date to be considered on time. Check with your financial institution regarding the actual transfer date of your payment. When making an electronic payment for the first time, it is recommended that payment be submitted 7 days prior to the due date to allow time to correct any submission errors.

For further assistance on how to enter your Roll or account number, please contact your financial institution as their requirements may vary from these examples.