Niverville Town Council held their Visioning/Strategic Planning Session on October 22, 2019, identifying Niverville’s assets and challenges, then answering the question of “Where Do We Want To Go?” Niverville’s previous vision statement was then revised to create a vision for Niverville 2030 – “A welcoming, active, progressive, growing hub that is Where You Belong”.  The following 5 goals were established for the Town:

  1. Growth: A community that is ready for 10,000
  2. Community: A welcoming, friendly community
  3. Economy: An economically sustainable community
  4. Active Living: Well-being of body, mind, and spirit
  5. Green: An environmentally responsible community.

Council also pinpointed objectives that clarified how the goals would be accomplished and further committed during each year’s Planning Session, to identify necessary actions. The person(s) is responsible for completing the actions and the necessary budget to carry out the annual operational plan. In summary, Council was reminded that a long-term strategic plan is a living document requiring adaptation to changing circumstances and unforeseen factors, which will be addressed by identifying new activities and setting new targets within the annual planning and budgeting cycle.

The Vision

A welcoming, active, progressive, growing hub that is Where You Belong.

The Mission

The Town of Niverville inspires, supports, and enables its citizens to grow and evolve our community through diverse programming and services.