Utility Billing

Water and sewer billing is quarterly (Jan-Mar, Apr-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec). Upon possession date or when moving out, residents are asked to fill out our utility change form here. Alternately, they can contact the Town Office at utilitybillings@whereyoubelong.ca to provide billing information (name, address, contact phone numbers, and e-mail address) together with the opening water meter reading (if applicable). NOTE – YOU MAY NEED TO SHINE A FLASHLIGHT ON THE WATER METER TO OBTAIN A READING. Past due balances are subject to a 1.25% per month penalty charge. Balances that reach 60 days past due may be transferred to the property tax account. Penalties continue to accrue in the tax account. Note: Reminder notices for overdue accounts will NOT be sent out.

Public Utilities

The utility rates charged are regulated through the Manitoba Public Utilities Board. The mandate of the board when considering the rates includes the continued supply of safe water and sewer services, equality for citizens, and adequate rates to keep the utilities functioning. Utilities must function as separate entities, generating sufficient revenues to continue operations safely and plan for future contingencies.

Water Utility

The water treatment plant at the corner of 5th Avenue and Spruce Drive became operational in the summer of 2008. This utility currently serves properties in Fifth Avenue Estates, Highlands, Prairie Crossings, as well as a number of new buildings within the core area of Town.

Older sectors of Town are served with private wells. Some homes may share one well among several neighbors. No records on private wells are maintained by the Town. Shared wells are normally managed by a legal well agreement. It should be noted that groundwater quality is monitored by the Seine Rat River Conservation District (SRRCD). Questions regarding this matter should be directed to SRRCD at 204-424-5842 or CLICK HERE to be redirected to their website for more information.

The provision of potable municipal water for the core un-serviced area of Town is currently being considered by Niverville Council. However, the fiscal viability of the project is very much dependent on the availability of federal and provincial government grants. Should funding become available, engineering cost estimates for the work will be obtained followed by public consultation specifically relating to any municipal financing that may be applied to property taxes. Property owners will be publicly notified of the proposal through the Town’s newsletter, website, and Facebook page.

As per PUB Order #166-07, the quarterly water rates are as follows:

2021 rates

  • Quarterly Service Charge – $7.37
  • Water $/1,000 gallons – $11.18
  • Minimum Quarterly-Water – $40.92
  • Reconnection fee – $40.00
  • Meter Testing – $50.00

Sewer Utility

The current Sewage Lagoon was constructed in 2006 and is located north of Town. The former lagoon, located in the southwest corner of Hespeler Park was leaking and had to be closed. The Town, along with Ducks Unlimited and Environment Canada are currently in the process of decommissioning the old Lagoon in the project called “the Wetlands Project”. The project recently received an award for the innovative environmentally friendly project setting a new standard for decommissioning a lagoon.

As per PUB Order #35-19, the quarterly sewer rates are as follows:

2021 Rate:

  • Service (Admin) Charge – $5.58
  • Flat Rate-full service operations/maintenance per Residential Equivalent Unit – $67.85
  • Flat Rate-dumping only (septic) operations/maintenance per Residential Equivalent Unit – $36.00

Properties served with Town water will receive one bill for both sewer and water. Residents served by a private well will receive a sewer only bill.

Payment options: cash, cheque, debit, or drop-box at the Town Administration office; online banking with all Credit Unions, BMO, CIBC, RBC, and Scotiabank.

For online banking instructions click here.



Questions regarding the Town Water Treatment Plant or Sewer Systems should be directed to the Public Works department.

Phone: 204-388-4600 ext. 2213.

Questions regarding Utility billing should be directed to utilitybillings@whereyoubelong.ca

Moving in, Moving Out, or Submitting a Water Meter Reading?
Fill out the form here, or email: utilitybillings@whereyoubelong.ca