Like all municipalities, the main source of funding for operations is derived from property taxes. A typical tax bill will include municipal taxes which are kept within the revenue of the municipality and school taxes which are collected and distributed to the school division. Taxes are levied based on an apportioned assessment, or a portion of the market value of the property. The assessment value is set by the provincial government via the assessment branch of the Municipal Relations department and can be appealed on set dates annually. Traditionally, these values attempt to reflect the market value of the property as it would have been 3 years ago.

The Town also administers two utilities which include sewer and water services.

2024 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 863-24

2024 Budget Supporting Document


Bylaw 850-23 2023 Financial Plan

2023 Budget Supporting Document


Town of Niverville 2022 – Audited Financial Statement

Town of Niverville – 2021 Audited Financial Statement