Niverville’s Economic Growth Strategy is intended as a document to help build upon the Town’s aggressive business development plan. The goals are to create growth strategies and policies surrounding both Industrial and Commercial businesses, and where possible, residential growth and residential retention.

The Town reached out to businesses and community leaders to perform a SOAR (Strength, Opportunities, Aspirations & Results) assessment to get a better idea of what the commercial and industrial sectors of Niverville are strong at and where they should be heading. Then to determine what steps need to be taken to ensure the Town achieves its goals.

The positivity surrounding the momentum that exists within our business leaders must be contagious. The future of Niverville is bright in their minds if we continue down the path. The Town and Chamber have taken over the last few years and, in particular, the last twelve months.

The business community is excited about a focus on business in the last year of this Council and that there will be a continual focus given to the needs of business in developing a healthy and sustainable community.

With some key partnerships to be confirmed on projects like the Community Resource Centre, the business community believes that Niverville will achieve its goals and continue to prosper in the future with strategic investment in infrastructure.

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