Notice from Council


Niverville Town Council is announcing a continued commitment to the environment and ensuring we are doing our part to help reduce greenhouse emissions. In conjunction with this initiative, Council is pleased to report another successful tree planting event was held on May 28th. This year 56 trees were planted on St. George Place, Kipling Lane, Kirkdale Drive, and Hawthorne Way. Through TC Energy’s Build Strong Community Giving Program, they have generously provided $20,000 in funding for our street tree-planting projects, resulting in an additional 160 trees to Niverville’s urban canopy over the past 3 years.

Special thanks are extended to TC Energy, Niverville Communities in Bloom for their initiative and organization of this project, Street Champions for promoting the project on their street, and the Niverville Fire Department along with Town staff and volunteers who participated in the event.

In addition, Niverville held its first Memorial Forest tree planting in Hespeler Park, where 7 families planted trees to honor loved ones. If you are interested in planting a Memorial Tree for a loved one, please visit for more information on how you can partake in future years.


Niverville’s urban canopy is a work in progress and these trees will help to combat climate change, clean the air, provide oxygen and improve aesthetics. Thank you for investing in your community and the environment!