Below you will find forms for many of the common permits and licenses that may be required. For clarification on whether you require a permit or license, please contact the Administration Office.

Phone: 204-388-4600

Building Permit Application

Permits are required for any building construction, building addition, accessory buildings in excess of 108 square feet, and may be required for renovations or other structures. A development/building permit expires if the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within twelve (12) months from the date of issuance of the permit, and completed by October 31st of the year specified on the Town of Niverville Security Deposit Form, or within any extensions in writing of that time period granted by the Designated Officer and is not reasonably continued without interruption after the end of such period. Please use the online fillable form and download any supporting documents that are applicable. A site plan with setbacks clearly marked must be included with every permit application.

Processing of permits is generally completed within 7 to 10 business days of receiving the application and all required supporting documents.

If you have any questions regarding permitting, development, zoning, Conditional Uses or Variances please contact the Administration Office for further details at Niverville Business Park enquiries can be sent to

Online Building Permit
Site Plan Example Residential
Site Plan Requirements
Site Plan Example Commercial/Industrial
Detached Site Plan Example
Detached Accessory Template

Deck Construction Checklist 2023 – Please use this checklist along with the Accessory Permit form (include on application material types to be used for deck)

Pool, Hot Tub or Other Water Features

For those residents or property owners who are considering putting in a pool, hot tub, or other water feature, please note that a permit may be required. Please email for more details.


A site plan is required for all permits. Include all measurements to property lines.

Conditional Use Application

Use This Application for any Conditional Use requests.

Conditional Use Application Form

Variation Order Application

Use This Application for any Variation Order requests.

Variation Order Application Form

Open-Air Fire and Firework Applications

Use these applications for any fire permit requests.

Open-Air Fire Permit Application Form

Low Hazard Fireworks Display Permit Application Form

High Hazard Fireworks Display Permit Application Form

Dangerous Quantities Fireworks Storage & Distribution Permit Application Form

Pet License Application

All dogs and cats (6 months and over) within the Town of Niverville are required to be licensed. You may have up to 3 pets per household. If you are within this number, please use this application form, otherwise, use the Hobby Breeders License below. Proof of rabies and distemper vaccination must be presented at the time of application before a license or renewal can be issued.

Online Animal License Application
Animal License Application (Print/download)

Hobby Breeders Application

Use this application if you occasionally exceed the 3-pet limit due to breeding other than a commercial enterprise.

Hobby Breeders Application