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Water Utility Public Notice

Water Utility Public Notice

May 9, 2016

Further to the May 6, 2016 Public Notice. Please be advised that non-adherence to water conservation recommendations the Town has implemented, has required the Town to address the water shortfall by adding to the water system less processed water.

This change in water production results in a safe water product that meets Provincial approved standards for drinking water … however not at the high standards we have become accustomed to. Residents may experience higher levels of water minerals; minerals such as iron or manganese. One may also notice some discoloration of faucets and appliances and potentially, a chlorine odor. It will take a few days to bring the reservoir back up to normal operating level at which time the reverse osmosis filtering system will be put back online.

Please adhere to the Town’s Water Conservation policy, which requires Niverville residents who receive their water from the Spruce Drive Water Treatment Plant to limit lawn watering to even numbered days for residents having even numbered civic addresses and residents having odd numbered civic addresses to water lawns on odd numbered days.

Wise water management impacts the standard of drinking water we enjoy… please use water responsibly and conserve.

A friendly reminder that free water for filling of swimming pools is available from the Town. Residents must have their own means of transporting the water from 309 Main Street to their home. Please call 204-388-4600 ext. 111 for more information.


Town of Niverville
Operations Department