2024 Summer Road Repairs Reminder


As you may be aware, there are some exciting road repairs happening in Town this summer!

Currently, it is anticipated that repairs will begin mid-June, to mitigate the effect that these repairs would have on parking and access to the Fair. As much as the Town would like to provide a specific date for the start of construction, due to weather and supply chain constraints, the Town is unable to provide that information at this time. The Town will continue to keep affected residents updated as we know more.

Below is a list which lays out the current order in which the repairs will be happening, as well as the roughly expected time frame. Please be aware that the order of projects and their time frames are subject to change without warning:

  • 4th Ave. South from 1st Street South to 3rd Street South: Mid-June to end of July.
  • Errington Way: end of June/July.
  • West section of Church Ave: July/August.
  • Southwest section of Edelweiss Crescent: July/August.

The contractor for these projects is responsible for providing a written traffic control plan and a pedestrian accommodation plan while the work is taking place. Please respect traffic control signs and delineators, as they are in place to keep residents safe and to complete the projects as efficiently as possible. Please let us know should there be affected residents in your home or neighbourhood with mobility concerns so that we can plan accordingly. Flexibility and understanding will be required while these projects proceed, as there are many factors that influence when access will be available or not.

Residents of the apartment complexes at 93 and 79 4th Ave. S. will be able to use 4th Ave. Bible Church parking lot as a through route to access apartments. This option will not always be available due to construction staging, but will provide access during the majority of the project.

Garbage Collection will not change for property owners. You are still required to bring bins to your usual collection point. The contractor is responsible for then bringing your bin to a designated pick spot for Bristal Hauling, and to then bring them back to your property.

Again, the Town of Niverville is thankful for your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with safer roads for you and your families.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact the Town of Niverville at feedback@whereyoubelong.ca or by phone at 204-388-4600.

If you want to learn more about these road repairs, or want to sign up to receive email updates regarding this project, please click here.