SRR Watershed 2024 District Private Well Water Testing Days


The Seine Rat Roseau Watershed will be assisting residents with private well water testing for the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria. The provincially subsidized cost of private well water testing is $25.00, including tax. (Regular rate is $30.00).

Each legal location is eligible for one sample per well per year; you must be the owner of the well; and this sample must be first sample since April 1st of 2024.

Payment may be submitted by cash or cheque ONLY, with cheques made payable to Horizon Lab Ltd.

Water sample bottles & application forms can be picked up in advance at your participating RM office. Application forms can also be found attached to the bottom of this post. Water samples must be taken on the same day as the drop-off. Drop your water sample off at your participating RM office prior to 10:00 am, along with your completed Chain of Custody and SRRWD Application forms.

Only those samples that are accompanied by correct payment and completed forms will be accepted.

RM Private Well Water Testing Days will take place on:

  • Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
  • Thursday, June 27th, 2024

Drop-off locations:

  • SRRWD Steinbach Office, 154 Friesen Avenue – Steinbach
  • RM of Ste. Anne office, 395 Traverse Road – Ste. Anne
  • RM of Hanover office, 28 Westland Dr. – Mitchell
  • RM of DeSalaberry office, 466 Sabourin St. – St. Pierre-Jolys
  • RM of Taché office, 28007 MUN 52N (Corner of Highway 206 &PTH #1)
  • RM of Ritchot office, 352 Main Street – St. Adolphe
  • RM of Stuartburn office, 108 Main Street N – Vita
  • RM of Emerson-Franklin office, 115 Waddell Ave. East—Dominion City
  • RM of Piney office, 6092 Boundary St. – Vassar
  • Town of Niverville office, 329 Bronstone Dr. – Niverville
  • Town of Ste. Anne office, 14 Central Avenue – Ste. Anne


Contact SRRWD for more information:


RM Well Water Testing Days 2024

Well Water Testing Application 2024