Core Water Main Open House Information


We had a great turnout on Friday, March 1st at our Core Water Main Open House! Thank you to everyone who showed up!

As previously mentioned, the Town of Niverville wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to see and respond to the information regarding this proposed project. You will find below all the information shared on Friday evening, as well as a link to a survey you can fill out to let the Town know your thoughts.

The Town of Niverville will also have physical copies of the Open House information pamphlet available at the Town office.

If you have any further questions, please email, and we will endeavor to respond within 48 hours. We will be updating the FAQ at the bottom of this post with relevant questions as they come in.

The survey will be available until the end of March 2024, to allow potentially affected residents time to ask questions and consider this proposed project.

Thank you again for taking time to interact with the Town on this proposed project!

Core Water Main Open House Information

Core Water Main Open House Storyboards

Proposed Water Main Map

Water Main Open House Information Pamphlet

Core Water Main Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I being forced to connect to Town water?

No, you are not being forced to connect to Town Water. This is an exploratory process to share information that the Town has on this proposed project with citizens.

What if I have a water main in front of my house?

You are required to connect to that water main in front of your house only if your well fails to a point beyond repair. As long as your well is repairable, you can continue to use your well.

What are the proposed options for water main installation?

The Town of Niverville is proposing three potential options for this proposed project. The Town is inquiring to see which of these options potentially affected ratepayers would be interested in. The options are:

  1. Paying for frontage only: This would mean paying for just the installation of water mains in front of your property, including fire hydrants.
  2. Paying for frontage and connecting to the water main: This would include installation of water mains, fire hydrants, AND connecting your property to town water.
  3. Not interested in either.

What is this 50% grant that I’m hearing about?

Currently, the Town of Niverville is provided a grant from the provincial government for 50% of installation costs of water mains and fire hydrants. This would not include connecting your residence to the new watermain. This funding would work out to a total of roughly $3 million.

This grant, which is provided by the Manitoba Water Services Board, will become available to the Town starting April 2024. This 50% funding has been approved, but if the Town wants to keep the funding, this project would potentially have to proceed relatively soon.

What happens to the 50% grant if this proposed project does not move forward?

If a substantial majority of potentially affect residents indicate opposition via the survey to this proposed project, the 50% grant from the provincial government for the installation costs of water mains and fire hydrants would be officially declined by the Town of Niverville.

As the grant would then have been declined, it would be unlikely that the Town would be successful in applying for this grant again for the foreseeable future.

What does the Town mean by asking about installing water mains “block-by-block”?

Currently, the Town of Niverville has a “Water Main Request Policy” in place. This policy states that if a neighbourhood would like to have a water main installed, 80% of properties in the project parameter would have to agree to it. The project parameter begins at the nearest water main, and ends at the furthest property line of the street block being considered.

You can read the full policy here.