Town of Niverville Releases Planning Session Outcomes for 2024


Niverville, MB – This previous weekend, the Town of Niverville Council and staff met to discuss what the next year will look like. In light of this meeting, the Town is excited to release their planning session outcomes for 2024, as well as an interim budget.

The Town of Niverville is focused on being fiscally responsible with its funds and is putting more money into savings in 2024. On top of this, the Town looks forward to paying down $500 thousand on the Community Resource and Recreation Centre debt. Commercial interest in the community is strong and will continue to contribute to the growth that the Town of Niverville is experiencing.

These outcomes and the associated budget will see that the Town of Niverville will be an economically and environmentally sustainable community as it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Some highlights other coming out of Planning Session include:

  • A water tanker for the Niverville Fire Department has been bought and will be delivered in 2025.
  • A working group has been created to establish the needs of both the Niverville Fire Department and the Town’s Operation Department as the Town works towards preparing to build the next generation of buildings vital for these services.
  • The Town of Niverville has been investigating the possibility of installing water mains in the core of the Town and anticipates rolling out public consultations in early 2024 to share the results of the investigation and determine the next steps.
  • Niverville Recreation and Wellness will begin to investigate the feasibility of a “Take One Leave One” Library.
  • The road repair package for 2024 has been awarded to Southwood Ventures for the rebuilding of 4th Ave South, Church Ave, and a section of Edelweiss Crescent, resurfacing of Errington Way and Hampton Drive, as well as the building of Drover’s Run path and a back lane sidewalk behind the MCC.
  • The Town is looking to begin planning to develop a new green space on the west side of town.
  • The Town of Niverville will continue to work with Red-Seine-Rat (RSR) Wastewater Cooperative to develop regional wastewater treatment.
  • Completion of the RCMP detachment in 2024.

As well, Niverville Open Health is working towards hiring more doctors, as well as increasing the available tools that doctors will have access to. This includes the procurement of bedside ultrasound machines, a liquid nitrogen gun, and an automated blood pressure machine.

In this meeting, the Council also had the pleasure of discussing Council appointments. Due to the good work that council members are doing in their respective appointments, they will stay the same as they are for 2024.

Town Council and Staff are looking forward to the exciting opportunities and challenges that 2024 will bring.