New Pedestrian Bridge on Drover’s Run


There is a new bridge in Town! Town Operations has recently installed the new pedestrian bridge between Drover’s Run and Station Park. This bridge is designed to fit seamlessly into Niverville’s pedestrian transportation network, which provides 5 feet of concrete and 5 feet of asphalt so both cyclists and pedestrians can move safely. This bridge, which was fabricated by Niverville’s own Fusion Industries, connects Station Park to Drover’s Run via the pedestrian transportation network.

There were some challenges around erecting this bridge, revolving around weather this fall, timing and logistics. Town Operations were able to remedy this by installing the wooden walkway themselves, as well as craning the bridge into place. Niverville is focused on being an economically and environmentally sustainable community, and the installation of this bridge continues to further those goals.

As of Nov. 23rd, 2023, the Town of Niverville is happy to announce that the pedestrian bridge is completed and ready for use!