Station Park Announcement


What began with the idea of building a small train station along the expanding Canadian Pacific Railway became a flourishing community that is known today as the Town of Niverville. The land upon which the station would stand was conveniently located on the edge of the Mennonite reserve and intersected with Crow Wing Trail, deemed an ideal location for a train station. Named after French-Canadian military man Chevalier Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville, the Niverville Train Station was founded in October of 1879, and was considered a pillar of what became a growing and industrious community. Its presence prompted further settlement in the area and enabled local businesses and community groups to thrive.

Although the original Niverville Train Station burned down in 1922, a new station was built that same year. Documented memories of the station tell of gardens of flowers and vegetables adorning the outskirts of the station, and of the self-elected “Welcoming Committee” greeting passengers arriving from Winnipeg on the evening train. There was an air of anticipation as residents heard the familiar clanging bells and whistle blasts that announced the daily arrival and departure of the various trains that passed through. The Niverville Train Station continued to serve the community until 1960, when it was sold and dismantled. What remains of its existence is a large well dug in 1881 that serviced the Train Station, which was eventually re-discovered in 2012. The significance of the discovery of this well lies in the richness of Niverville’s history and the celebration of its heritage.

In honour of this heritage, Niverville Town Council announces the inception of Station Park. The park will be located at the site of the old well adjacent to the rail line and will feature improved and beautified green space. As a new area in Town to walk around, residents will be invited to enjoy the park and spend time reading about and reflecting on Niverville’s proud roots. Rough grading of the park has been completed in October of 2022 and the next phase will be announced in early 2023, with anticipated completion of the park in 2024.