2022 Property Tax Bills


Looking for your 2022 Property Tax Bill? The Town of Niverville is anticipating that the 2022 property tax bills will be mailed out to property owners by mid-August. If you haven’t received your bill by August 29th, 2022, please feel free to contact the Town Office for a copy (email feedback@whereyoubelong.ca or call 204-388-4600 ext. 1107).


New property owners are reminded that they are responsible for the payment of the taxes whether or not they have received a tax notice in their name.


All payments must be received in the Town Office, 329 Bronstone Drive, Niverville by 5 p.m. on September 29, 2022. Cheques may be post-dated to the due date (Sept. 29, 2022) but must be received by the Town Office on or before September 29, 2022 by 5 p.m. or they will be considered late and will be subject to a penalty. Receipts may be emailed upon request or picked up at the Town Office.


All taxes remaining subsequently unpaid are subject by law to a penalty of 1.25% per month (compounded annually). STATEMENTS CURRENTLY SHOWING ARREARS WILL HAVE ADDITIONAL PENALTIES. Call the Town Office or log in to your eServices account for an updated balance on the day the payment will be remitted. Note that penalties are posted on the first of every month. (please allow at least 3 business days for bank processing)


Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the “Town of Niverville”.


The various payment options can be viewed here: Taxes and Tax Information – Town of Niverville (whereyoubelong.ca).