Clarification on Revised Recycling Calendar


Further clarification to the revised recycling calendar that goes into effect July 1, 2022.

A new collection day has been added for waste and recycling pick up for Town residents. Waste will continue to be picked up weekly. Recycling will continue to be bi-weekly. As stated on the Town’s revised recycling calendar, the next pick-up for recycling in the blue collection zone will be on Tuesday, July 5th and pick-up for recycling in the green collection zone will be on Thursday, July 14th.

The Town recognizes that there will be a three-week gap in pickup for the green collection zone. Arrangements have been made for residents in the green collection zone that may have excess recycling during this period to be picked up on July 14th. Extra material should be in either a blue recycling bag or bin beside the recycling cart.

Please visit Bristal Hauling’s website or their new app to stay connected on your garbage and recycling collection days!

Thank you for your understanding.