Police Study


Niverville Town Council is pleased to announce that the Police Study prepared by Rick Hiebert Consulting (2019) is now available on the Town’s website for public viewing. The Town has worked with the report preparer to release the condition of the Copyright on this report and can now share the report with Town residents. This study was reviewed extensively by Council, weighing the pros and cons of each option.  A recent announcement informed the public of a RCMP detachment coming to Niverville, to be located in the rear of the Town’s Administration building. The detachment is anticipated to be approximately 3,000 square feet in size and can be easily expanded to 6,000 square feet. Council is looking forward to seeing four members of the RCMP call this detachment their place of work in 2023. Council is cognizant of Niverville’s need for an increase in policing and has been working with the federal branch of the RCMP to bring this new detachment to Town. Niverville Council is looking forward to an increased RCMP presence in Town in conjunction with the opening of the new detachment in 2023.

The Police Study can be viewed HERE.