Winter Reminders


2021 Holiday Office Closures
The Niverville Town Office will be closed at 4:00 p.m. on December 10th, noon on December 24th, and closed all day on December 27th, 28th & 31st.

As the seasons have clearly changed, residents are reminded of the following bylaws and policies related to wintery weather:

Snowmobiles in Town
As per Town Bylaw 491-95, operators of snowmobiles are permitted to operate their snowmobile within Town limits for the purposes of taking the most direct route in and out of the Town from their residence via the street boulevard. The operation of snowmobiles on school property and within Town parks is prohibited. Provincial trail maps are available at
Snow Route Parking Ban
Please note that the snow route parking ban comes into effect on November 1st of every year. Full details can be found at, under Bylaws, Policies and Reports. Bylaw 801-18 Schedule “B”.  

Snow Removal of Snow Ridges in Driveways (Policy O1-13 Snow Clearing)
The only time that the Town will remove snow ridges in driveways is when “street widening” occurs using the wing of the grader (i.e. packed snow is removed from the asphalt surface and bladed to boulevards normally resulting in large chunks of ice/snow being located in driveways).  Under normal snowplowing conditions, the homeowner is responsible for the removal of snow ridges in their driveway.
Snow Deposited on Public Property (Policy O1-14)
Property Owners are reminded that if they remove snow from private property and deposit it on the public road allowance or public reserve they will be required to remove it following 48 hours notice or the Town will complete the task at the property owner’s expense.
Winter Caution
Residents are reminded that ice has not yet formed on the lakes, please avoid the area including the shorelines for safety reasons.