RM Private Well Water Testing


On Thursday, June 17, the Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District will once again be assisting residents with private well water testing for the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria. The cost of private well water testing is $22.31, including tax. Residents who’ve experienced recent flooding are encouraged to contact the SRRWD office for information on special discounts. Each legal location is eligible for one sample per well at the subsidized rate. Payment may be submitted by cash or cheque ONLY, with cheques made payable to Horizon Lab Ltd. Horizon Lab is also offering a new expedited service. Customers can pay an extra $10 to have their bacteria water test report sent by the following business day.

Water sample bottles and application forms can be picked up in advance, by appointment only, at the Town Office (329 Bronstone Ave.). Water samples must be taken on the same day as the drop-off. Testing dates will be:

Thursday, June 17

Drop Off Instructions: Please call ahead before dropping off your water sample at the Town Office prior to 10:00 am, along with payment as well as your completed Chain of Custody and SRRWD Application forms. Only those samples that are accompanied by correct payment and completed forms will be accepted. Please respect social distancing and other COVID-19 measures while dropping off your sample.

For More Information on Private Well Water Testing:

Contact SRRWD at 204-326-1030 or 204-425-7877 or email info@srrcd.ca. More information can also be found on their website at www.srrcd.ca.