WATER USAGE UPDATE – Due to continued high water consumption the Town of Niverville water treatment plant cannot produce potable water fast enough. During this past week with residents following stage two guidelines such as watering lawns on odd and even days it has managed to keep up. However, in the last 12 to 24 hours there has been a spike in water usage of 1,700,000 liters. The reservoirs are at a critical level.

Residents are urged to please follow stage two guidelines for watering so that it will not be necessary to go to stage three tomorrow which limits watering of existing lawns all together. Fines will be given to those who disregard the current stage 2 policy as well if we go to stage three.

The reservoir must maintain a certain water level to ensure adequate fire suppression for the entire community both the business community and residents as well as regular household use.

The plant is being monitored regularly throughout each day and night. Please stay aware of future messages today and through the weekend which may declare stage three water usage restrictions.

Note that a $10 million dollar upgrade to the plant will be starting this year which will meet growth targets for the next 20 years, but in the next year or two until it is completed we need to be encouraged to moderate our water usage during high demand times.

Thank you for your continued support!