Niverville Clinic Update #3

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February 19, 2020

Niverville Open Health Communique #3

The Town has received the final report related to the health care services provided at Open Health from Kathy McPhail. Council met with Kathy McPhail on Tuesday evening to review and discuss the report findings and her recommendations. Council is encouraged by Ms. McPhail’s conclusions that clearly indicate that while health care services in Niverville currently face challenges, Open Health is viable and can be stabilized to provide long-term patient-focused care to our community.

A more detailed update will be released by the end of the week reporting Council’s next intended steps as well as the full release of the report on the Town website.

Should you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to reach out to the Town at These questions will be provided to Council to review and answers will be responded to directly or through future communiques if general in nature.

Please monitor the Town of Niverville’s Facebook page and website for future updates and answers to questions.