Voluntary Water Restriction Update 1

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July 19, 2018

Town staff and our consultants have been working on restoring water service to its full capabilities. The hiccup we experienced was the result of iron sediment that had built up in the raw water line.

A sudden increase in consumption led to sediment moving along the pipeline and clogging our treatment plant. This has been experienced by others throughout the Province during the first few months of use and an action plan for full restoration is well underway.

As some members of the public may have noticed the raw water line was purged and cleaning is anticipated to occur in the morning. Once the cleaning has occurred and testing completed the Town will send out a further update on restoration of full service.

We would like to thank our residents for their understanding as your conservation has been noticed and minimized the impact of this hiccup in our new system. The Town and our consultants are already updating maintenance protocols to continue to provide a safe potable water system and ensure events like this are minimized in the future for the residents of Niverville.

We will be sending out another update tomorrow on the progress being made.