RCMP Mail Out

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September 29, 2017

Earlier this week many Niverville residents received an incomplete brochure dealing with crime prevention. The RCMP were referenced but the format raised questions as to authenticity. With the release of the following news bulletin, the RCMP have explained their intentions and what unfortunately occurred.   

Through working with our crime analysts, officers at the St-Pierre-Jolys Detachment determined that much of the Break and Enters and Mischief to Vehicle investigations that were being undertaken by officers had a common thread, namely that cars were being left unlocked, garage door openers were in the vehicles providing access to homes, and valuables were left in the vehicles.

Officers worked on finding ways to combat what was happening in the community, and this sign was one project that was suggested. That being said, this sign was distributed in error. This was not a final product and was not yet ready to go to the printer. The RCMP apologizes for the error and will continue to work with the community with the goal of preventing crime.

We look forward to the final product and welcome this educational initiative in assisting our residents in crime prevention.