Urgent Water Notice

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June 7, 2017


Hot temperatures and dry weather conditions have led to an exceedingly high demand for water. In recent days, staff have observed water consumption levels previously not witnessed.

Niverville joins other communities of southern Manitoba in implementing its Water Conservation policy AND directs that citizens put off any watering of lawns, gardens and filling swimming pools. Quite simply, right now water usage is double of what the system can currently produce. If not aggressively addressed through conservation, Niverville’s reservoir drawdown will impact the security of the entire water system.

Niverville received provincial permission to address the water production shortfall by revising production methods through providing less processed water. This change in process has been implemented today! Water is safe for consumption and meets provincial safe water standards. However, residents can expect to experience a product with higher levels of minerals and possibly a stronger chlorine odor. Niverville anticipates, depending on citizen’s compliance to water conservation practices, that the water system will recover over the next week. Additional water testing will be completed to ensure consumers continue to enjoy safe drinking water.

Niverville Council is working to bring on line a new well-field sometime in late 2017. Government environmental approvals are still outstanding and required for the project to proceed. Upon the water plant upgrading occurring and the well field being connected, it is anticipated that this type of “watering restriction ban” can be avoided.

For updates, please check the Niverville website at www.whereyoubelong.ca, the Town of Niverville Facebook page or Twitter at TONiverville. Operations Department staff through Council will be updating these sites as developments occur.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


Mayor Myron Dyck

June 7, 2017