Enhanced Water and Fire Protection

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October 20-2016

NIVERVILLE, Man. – Residents in several newer housing developments in Niverville will have opportunity to receive improved water and fire protection services soon. Upgrades to the water treatment plant are also taking place impacting fire protection services for all residents.

These upgrades are made possible through cost savings from the recently completed Main Street project that improved water and fire protection services for the Niverville Elementary School, homes and businesses on Main Street.

“The Main Street project was completed for $1.2 million instead of $2.0 million,” explains Niverville’s Finance Manager Eric King. “The costs for this project were shared equally by the Town, province and the federal government. This provided an opportunity for Council to apply to expand the scope of the project and make additional water infrastructure improvements. Expanding the scope of the project has been approved by both federal and provincial governments.”

Niverville’s Operation Manager Ryan Dyck says work is now beginning on the installation of 725 metres of water pipes and infrastructure that will create a “looped” network of pipes and infrastructure providing for enhanced fire protection, increasing service guarantees in case of water main breakdown and consistent water quality for all residential areas on Town water. The water main will be installed along 6th Avenue South from Main Street to Errington Way with a short connection line west into Cobblestone Court. An estimated cost of this project is $131,000.

Residents in The Highlands community on the Old Drovers Run golf course will also receive improved water flow/quality and fire protection services through the installation of 2,250 metres of water pipes and infrastructure that begin at Claremont Drive and continue to the south entrance of St. Andrews Way. This water main will be installed along Crown Valley Road and Krahn Road. An estimated cost of this project is $359,000 and will be completed in 2017.

Work has already started on $400,000 of upgrades to the Town’s water treatment plant. When completed, the water treatment plant will have a larger pump dedicated to fire protection, larger generator and other upgrades that are needed to meet the requirements of fire protection services for commercial businesses.

“This is more than just about improving the water flow,” explains Dyck. “Our primary goal is improved community fire protection.”

This past summer ProStar HDD, a horizontal directional drilling company based in Steinbach, installed 2,000 metres of water pipes on Main Street and 19 fire hydrants. All buildings on Main Street now have access to the Town’s water supply.

The elementary school and 19 other homes and businesses paid for full service connections; however 13 homes and businesses plan to continue using their wells and connect to the Town’s water supply at a later date.

ProStar HDD was also awarded the contract for the additional upgrades in the residential areas.

The Town’s share of the $2.0 million water upgrade project is $681,000. King says discussions are underway to offset the Town’s costs for the additional upgrades through exploring cost sharing options with housing developers Heritage Lane Builders and Sunset Estates. Heritage Lane Builders is developing the Legacy Ridge housing development west of 6th Avenue and Sunset Estates is developing The Highlands.

“Improved water flow/quality and fire protection helps ensure sustainable development and continued economic growth,” says King. “Sustainable growth provides an increase in tax revenues which in turn allows the Town to provide more services.”

By Gladys Terichow